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Robert Amand Albrecht [Parents] was born 1 on 6 Jan 1925. He died 2 on 9 May 2005. He married 3 Helen Green on 12 Jul 1948.

Helen Green

They had the following children:

  M i Robert Michael Albrecht

Edward Alphonse Albrecht [Parents] was born 1 on 2 Aug 1927. He died 2 on 21 Jan 1982. He married 3 Beverly Jean Campbell on 26 Apr 1950.

Beverly Jean Campbell

They had the following children:

  M i Gregory Edward Albrecht
  M ii Mark Anthony Albrecht
  F iii Janelle Marie Albrecht
  M iv James Joseph Albrecht

Melvin Mattis was born on 14 Sep 1913. He died on 26 Sep 1992. He married 1 Loretta Pauline Albrecht on 5 Jul 1965 in Carrollton, , Illinois.

Other marriages:
Cordes, Della

Loretta Pauline Albrecht [Parents]

William Joseph Albrecht [Parents]

Ruth Maher

They had the following children:

  M i Thomas Stephen Albrecht
  F ii Julie Albrecht
  F iii Susan Albrecht
  M iv Michael Albrecht
  F v Karan Elizabeth Albrecht

Nora Albrecht [Parents].

Left for Germany for New Zealand around 1873

She had the following children:

  M i Diedrich Henry Albrecht was born 1 on 17 Sep 1867. He died on 21 Jan 1954.

Darrell Schofield

Mary Jane Albrecht [Parents]

Doug Drane

Sandra Kay Albrecht [Parents]

Charles Henry Albrecht [Parents]

Mary Alice Grueter

John David Albrecht [Parents]

Brenda Goode

Ronald Eugene Albrecht [Parents]

Sharon Reno

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