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Daniel Winchester Jennings [Parents] was born on 23 Dec 1845. He married Elizabeth Abi Wills.

Birth: MO

Elizabeth Abi Wills.Elizabeth married Daniel Winchester Jennings.

William Jennings [Parents] was born on 13 Jul 1800. He died on 14 Nov 1886. He married Nancy Jones on 21 Aug 1823 in , Brown, Ohio.

Birth, Death: MO

Nancy Jones.Nancy married William Jennings on 21 Aug 1823 in , Brown, Ohio.

They had the following children:

  M i William J. Jennings was born on 22 Sep 1828.

  M ii Isreal Jennings.
  M iii Oliver Jennings.
  M iv Bailey Jennings.

Charles Waters Jennings [Parents] was born on 17 Jan 1802 in , Nelson, Kentucky. He died on 18 Aug 1872 in Walnut Hill, Marion, Illinois. He was buried in East Lawn Cemetery, Salem, Illinois. He married Maria Woods Davidson on 14 Dec 1826 in Salem, , Illinois.

Birth, Death: MO

Maria Woods Davidson was born on 14 Dec 1802 in , Lincoln, Kentucky. She died on 23 Apr 1885 in Salem, , Illinois. She was buried in Salem Cemetary, Salem, Illinois. She married Charles Waters Jennings on 14 Dec 1826 in Salem, , Illinois.

Birth, Death: MO

Stahl died after 1925.

Gordon remembers visiting her. Maiden name unknown.

She had the following children:

  F i Augusta Stahl

Jacob Philip Reisig was born 1 in Hamburg, Germany. He married Louisa Frederika Moller.

Other marriages:
Sue, Catharina Wilhelmina

Possibly 2 more children
Bertha Amelia Risic 1865-1926
Wilhelmine Caroline Louisa Risic 1869-1871

Louisa Frederika Moller was born 1 in Hamburg, Germany. She died on 12 Oct 1919. She married Jacob Philip Reisig.

Other marriages:
Voss, Matthew

Jacob's 2nd wife

They had the following children:

  M i Conrad Risic
  M ii John Christian Risic
  F iii Caroline Katharina Risic
  F iv Mary Louise Risic
  M v Henry William Risic was born 1 about 1874 in , , Wisconsin.
  M vi William Risic was born 1 about 1877. He died 2 in 1881.

Walter Jensen [Parents]


Paul Carlson [Parents]


They had the following children:

  M i Glen Carlson

Sherman DeLong [Parents]


They had the following children:

  M i Kenneth DeLong

Diedrich Joseph Albright [Parents] was born 1, 2 on 8 Mar 1847 in Hanover, , Germany. He died 3 on 17 Apr 1920 in Highland, Iowa, Wisconsin. He married 4, 5 Elizabeth Adaline Bucher in 1870.

Possibly had a brother John

Census lists his parents both born in Hanover

The name Albright has also been spelled Albrecht. The 1900, 1910, and1920 census uses the Albright spelling, while Ditrich's citizenship declaration uses the Albrecht spelling. The descrepency could be because Dietrich was not able to read or write.

The Name Deitric could is sometimes spelled Deidrick, Deitrick or Dick.

BIOGRAPHY: Dietrich Albright was considered a rather tall man for histime, while his wife Christine was rather short. Dietrich, a miner,would frequently stop by the local pub on his way home from work. On oneparticular occasion, his wife had the supper all made and it was getting cold. She packed up his dinner in a dinner bucket and walked down to thepub to give it to him. When she walked into the pub ,she handed him his dinner bucket and said "Here Dick, I thought that since you didn't come home you would need your supper." Dietrich was so mortified that his wife would come into the pub (a man's domain) that his picked up his dinner pail, followed her out of the pub, and was said that he never went in there again.

Elizabeth Adaline Bucher [Parents] was born 1, 2 on 31 Aug 1848 in Westphalia, , Germany. She died 3 on 29 Oct 1929 in Highland, Iowa, Wisconsin. She married 4, 5 Diedrich Joseph Albright in 1870.

BIOGRAPHY: Christine Bucher was a small of stature, yet she ruled herroost with great authority. My grandmother, Elizabeth Kreul McCabe tolda story about how her grandmother went into a tavern to retrieve her husband, Diedrich Albright.

BIOGRAPHY: Diedrich, or "Dick," as she called him was a miner, and quite tall by the standards of the day. He would like to stop off at the local tavern after work to wash down the day's accumulation of miner's grime. He knew full well that he needed to be home by suppertime for the family meal. Apparently on one occasion Dick overstayed his usual visit, and was quite late for the evening repass. As it turned out, he would never make that miscalculation again.

BIOGRAPHY: At the time of this incident one must consider that taverns were for men, and men only. Gentlewomen of discretion would not enter this masculine world because of the rough talk, bad manners, and the strong drink which was in abundance in these establishments. Women who chose to enter the local taverns were ones whose moral values became highly questionable, and were the subject for many a gossip sessions over the back fence.

BIOGRAPHY: One the particular day in question, my great great grandfather Diedrich Albright had forgotten to go home for his supper, so his lovely wife packed his dinner pail, marched down the street, and into the tavern. She plopped the dinner pail down on the bar, and announced in a loud clear voice, "Here Dick. You didn't come home for supper, so I packed your dinner for you." With that, she turned around and marched right out of the tavern, back down the street, and returned home with her embarrassed husband following closely behind. Diedrich Albright was so mortified by the incident that he never entered a tavern the rest of his life.

BIOGRAPHY: Mike Jozefowicz

She emigrated in 1868: Judy Then email

They had the following children:

  F i Christine Albright
  F ii Mary Magdaline Albright
  M iii John Albright was born 1 about 1879 in , , Wisconsin. He died 2 before 1900.
  M iv Albright was born 1 about 1876. He died 2 before 1900.

Henry Hubler [Parents] 1 was born 2, 3 on 22 Apr 1830 in Pennsylvania. He died 4 on 1 Jun 1903 in Platteville, Grant, WI. He married 5, 6 Martha Haney on 20 Feb 1850 in , , Ohio.

Census lists him as 50 years old

Martha Haney 1 was born 2, 3 on 15 Jun 1828 in Ohio. She died 4 on 15 Jun 1898 in Cuba City, WI. She married 5, 6 Henry Hubler on 20 Feb 1850 in , , Ohio.

Census lists her as 57 years old?

They had the following children:

  M i Wayne Hubler was born 1 in 1851 in , , Ohio.
  M ii Frank Hubler
  M iii William Scott Hubler was born 1, 2 on 17 Aug 1852 in Ohio. He died 3 on 6 Feb 1927 in Harrison, Grant, WI.

Census lists him as 28 years of age.
  F iv Esthe Linda Hubler was born 1 about 1864 in Wisconsin.

1880 Census lists her at 16 years old
  F v Jessi Hubler was born 1 about 1866 in Wisconsin.
  F vi Hattie Hubler was born 1 about 1868 in Wisconsin.

1880 Census lists her as 12 years old
Ancestral Files shows birth date as Aug 1867
  F vii Christi A. Hubler was born 1 about 1862 in Wisconsin.

1880 Census lists her as 18 years of age, Servant

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