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Nelson B. Newton [Parents] was born on 16 Jun 1855 in Middlebury, , Ohio. He died on 21 Jul 1938 in Topeka, , Kansas. He married Mary Eva Arquet Fitzpatrick in Dubuque, , Iowa.

Other marriages:
Jeffry, Jennie

one daughter with Jennie Jeffry
one daughter with Mary Eva Fitzpatrick

Mary Eva Arquet Fitzpatrick was born on 1 Mar 1859 in Dubuque, , Iowa. She married Nelson B. Newton in Dubuque, , Iowa.

Allen F. Newton [Parents] was born on 21 Sep 1832 in Middlebury, , Ohio. He died on 9 Apr 1904 in Marshalltown. He was buried in Waterloo, , Iowa. He married Margret Jane Henry.

6 children

Margret Jane Henry was born in Toronto, , , Canada. She married Allen F. Newton.

6 children

David Hyde.David married Dolly Churchill.

Dolly Churchill.Dolly married David Hyde.

They had the following children:

  M i LeGrande DeForest Hyde

Samuel M. Ashmore.Samuel married Margaret.

Margaret.Margaret married Samuel M. Ashmore.

They had the following children:

  M i Ulysses R. Ashmore

Walter Scott.Walter married Millie Olive Ashmore on 1 Nov 1893 in Hawarden, , Iowa.

Millie Olive Ashmore [Parents] was born on 24 Apr 1869 in Platteville, Grant, Wisconsin. She died on 19 Nov 1955 in Hawarden, Sioux, Iowa. She married Walter Scott on 1 Nov 1893 in Hawarden, , Iowa.

Charles Gilman.Charles married Lizzie J. Ashmore on 10 Apr 1905 in Rock Rapids.

Lizzie J. Ashmore [Parents] was born in Jun 1877 in , Union, Dakota Territory. She died on 16 May 1916 in Lemon, , South Dakota. She married Charles Gilman on 10 Apr 1905 in Rock Rapids.

L. D. Hilton

Edith Ashmore [Parents].Edith married L. D. Hilton.

Chad Godfrey.Chad married Eunice Ashmore.

Eunice Ashmore [Parents] was born in 1884. She died on 28 Jul 1960 in Hawarden, , Iowa. She married Chad Godfrey.

John Johnson Honorable.John married Elizabeth R. Newton on 4 Feb 1840.

Elizabeth R. Newton [Parents] was born on 7 Jun 1820 in Middlebury, , Ohio. She died on 23 Jan 1893. She married John Johnson Honorable on 4 Feb 1840.

Samuel III Newton [Parents] was born on 13 Sep 1782 in Newport, , New Hampshire. He died 1 on 5 Aug 1871 in Middlebury, , Ohio. He was buried on 6 Aug 1871. He married Laura Remington in Nov 1856.

Other marriages:
Brill, Polly

Erroneous marraige date of Nov 1856 removed.

Another possible marriage to Eunice Bill?

Laura Remington.Laura married Samuel III Newton in Nov 1856.

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