List of Individuals
Cole, Samuel
Coles, Alice
Coles, George
Colley, Charles W
Collingham, Bert
Collins, C. G.
Collins, H P
Connell, Rodney A
Conrad, Lyle Gordon
Cook, Susan
Coonce, Mary Keziah
Cooper, Margaret
Cooper, Richard
Cordell, Mabury
Cordell, Ruth Lee
Corliss, Levi Dame
Corrie, Mary
Couch, Jesse S
Cousins, Sarah Varick
Cowell, Ensign
Cowell, Francis
Cowell, Henry
Cowell, Wright
Crable, Mary
Crandall, Martha J
Crane, Sena Catherine
Crawford, Ruth
Crist, Lowell
Crist, Nancy
Crist, Russell
Crouch, Daniel J
Crouch, Daniel P
Crouch, George
Crouch, James
Crouch, Mary E
Crouch, Nora E
Crouch, Ruth Ann
Crouch, Samuel B
Crouch, Warren Milton
Crouch, Willard
Crouch, William
Cullen, Barbara Jane
Cullen, Jesse
Cullen, Jesse (1)
Cullen, Terri Lynn
Culver, Anna
Curtis, Mary
Dame, Rosamond
Dame, Theodore
Danby, Elizabeth
Danby, Robert
Daugherty, Charles M
Davenport, James Alexander
David, Sarah
Davidson, Anne McClure
Davidson, George
Davidson, Harriett
Davidson, Isreal Jennings
Davidson, Maria Woods
Davidson, Maria Woods (1)
Davidson, Pollyann
Davidson, William
Davidson, William Jefferson
Davis, Cassandra
Davis, Catherine M.
Davis, Deborah
Davis, Emma Irene
Davis, Emma Pamelia
Davis, Fannie S
Davis, Jane Ann
Davis, John
Davis, John (1)
Davis, Kathrine
Davis, William Harrison
Day, Albert Wayne
Day, Bernice
Day, Bertha
Day, Delia
Day, Edwin Eugene
Day, Ernest Newell
Day, Florence
Day, Florence Alberta
Day, Flossie
Day, Forrest Wayne
Day, Fred
Day, Freddy
Day, Harry Bryan
Day, Harry Eugene
Day, Henrietta
Day, Herman
Day, Isabelle
Day, James
Day, James Henry
Day, Jessie Levine
Day, John
Day, Julia Ann
Day, Kenneth Vail
Day, Lester

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