Group Photos

From Right to Left: Al Lang, Celia Lang, Sartoris Bevan, Frankie Bevan, Harry Bevan, Mother Jane Bevan, Frank and Ella Benjamin, Virgil Bevan, Louella Edge, Hurus Bevan, Ardys Edge, Leola Bevan, Ben Edge, Marguerite Benjamine, Bertha Bevan, Ada Bevan Poppell.  Children in Front?
Castle Rock, Wisconsin 1918.

1 - Ella Benjamin, 2 - Frank Benjamin, 3 - Mrs. Jane Bevan, 4 - Al Lang, 5 - Sartoris Bevan, 6 - Celia Lang.

Slack Family Photo
Left to Right: ?, ?, George Slack, ?, ? (I assume they are George, Mansel, Lavern, and Albert Kenneth)
Nellie, Lottie, Grandma Slack, Evelyn Lea?, Anna Lucille

State Guards - Platteville, WI.  Taken west of Methodist Church.  Property of Virgil Bevan.
1- Virgil Bevan, 2-Roland Harvey, 3 - Dr. Nicholas, 4-Will Shepard, 5-Curt Gray, 6- Aril Coyier, 7-Bill Winbigler, 8- Ed Evans, 9-Harry Roberts, 10- Will Brodbeck.

Family Gathering at Bevan home in country.  Taken June 4, 1922.
From left - around Table.  Ermel Edge, Velda Edge, "Celia - Al. & Lawrence Lan", Ben Edge. "Hurus - Mae and Jack Bevan", Clarence Bevan, Ersel Edge, Virgil Bevan, Mother Jane Bevan, "Sartoris and Frankie Bevan", Louella Edge. Leola Bevan, Ardys Edge, Bertha Bevan, Elton Edge.

1918 Family Picnic
1- Virgil Bevan, 2-Jane Bevan, 3-Sartoris Bevan, 4-Louella Bevan Edge, 5 - Hurus Bevan, 6- Frank Benjamin - Bloomington Illinois, 7 - Mrs. Frank Benjamin, 8-Celia Bevan Lang, 9- Ben Edge, 10-Leola Bevan, 11-Ardys Edge, 12- Clarence Bevan, 13- Frankie Bevan, 14-Al. E. Lang.

Union School. X-Sartoris Bevan, XX-Celia Bevan, O-Virgil Bevan, Triangle - Frankie Klingensmith (Bevan)

Clarence Bevan and Martin Schroeder in front.

Sartoris?,Frankie?, Virgil Bevan, ?,?,?,?,?,Clarence Bevan

Son's of Veterans of the Civil War.  X- Virgil Bevan, XX- Sartoris Bevan, 1-Martin Schroeder, 2-Ernest Knapp, 3-Gus Friedech, 4-Charlie Grindell, 5-Charlie Gilmore.

Taken in front of the Armory in Platteville, Wi.  Believed to be Platteville businessmen. Top right - Clarence Bevan.

Frenary, Virgil Bevan, Winbigler.  Gone Fishin.

Mr. & Mrs. Johnson Bevan, Celia & Hurus Bevan, and Clarence Bevan taken in orchard on the home farm.

Oral Coyier, Arrin Aikin, Virgil Bevan, Frank Shilliam.  Aug 1918.

Christmas 1955
On couch: Virginia, Esther, and Betty Meyers
Gordon Wells, Anthony Meyers, Dick Wells, Robert Meyers, James, Sandy Wells, Joyce and Linda Meyers.