Wells Family Genealogy Website

This website has a portion of our family tree.  Most of it is dedicated to providing a more personal view of our ancestors, rather that just a 'Name and a Date'.  Hopefully you have a fast modem and lots of bandwidth available.  While many of the pictures included have been shrunk down a bit, the file sizes are necessarily large to provide adequate resolution.  Have fun surfing!!!

***** Researchers Please Note: Only those names with source material listed should be deemed reliable. If I have come across information that is not definite or relationships that are not proven, I have them listed for further investigation, however please do not cite them in your family histories so that errors are not propogated. Contact me with questions.****

Wells Family Tree with Photos

Wells Family Tree (Produced by GED Browser)
(This Tree Looks more like a tree, but the fonts are smaller, and some of the notes get a bit garbled)

Wells Family Tree (Produced by PAF 5.0)
(This Tree doesn't look like a tree, but the fonts are larger, and the notes and sources are much clearer)
Group photos

Miscellaneous Photos

Photos of Places

Unknown people somehow related to us...somehow

Hubler History

Hubler History Appendix 

Big Patch Cemetary, Grant County, Wisconsin Records

Last Updated 2 May 2007

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